Curse of the Crimson Throne

Foreboding in Fangwood


With the source of the Blight destroyed, the heart of the Fangwood slowly begins to recover from the corruption and serves as a new haven for the denizens of ravaged Crystalhurst. The remnants of the druid circle and the populace are able to devote their full attention to the Chelish interlopers, whom they drive back after petitioning sympathetic neighbours for assistance. They continue to maintain a watchful eye but focus on rebuilding their lives.

Mikaella eventually surrenders her position as arch-druid to rebuild the Grove of Longteeth, using Drood’s gift is able to gather a dedicated following of lycanthropes dedicated to the militant protection of the woodland. During the full-moon of the winter solstice, they pay their respects to their founding elder, the Half-Orc Drood. Nyarl is a resident of the grove but continues to visit his master’s grave that blossoms with roses all year round.

The fugitive Luci continues to evade capture, having been the ultimate goal of the Chelish and their incursions into the Fangwood. Her father is hunted down and executed in an attempt to draw her out, but there is no sign of the woman or her stoic squire. Rumours are abound that a Chelish prince desires her hand at all costs, or that she carries royal blood and that her son will inherit the throne from the current pretender.

Qilien the Deceitful is summarily executed by Mikaella and disposed of in an unknown location. His mastery of the Dark Arts and his betrayals are made into scary folk-tales to cow children into submission and serve as cautionary stories to other practitioners of magic. Whenever bad omens appear, Qilien is blamed. A myth persists that Mikaella actually released Qilien after he calls her out on the woman’s hypocrisy, before subsequently becoming the Nereid Olcanna’s concubine and retreating with her to the swamp.

Having hailed from the northland, Grokmir’s strength became the stuff of legend and the story he passed to the bards of the area continues on. He never achieved the same popularity as Qilien, but inspired many to curiosity about the spine of the world and to travel there themselves in wanderlust. Down south, he has however attracted quite some notoriety for having cut down Liras Almansor, Knight-Captain of the Hellknights of Cheliax during parley. The Almansor family in particular is known for their ruthless use of assassins and mercenaries, but a bounty has yet to be claimed.

Little is known about what happened to the surviving heroes after they were banished from Crystalhurst, but it is presumed they left Nirmathas behind ..


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