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  • Drood

    Abandoned in the forest during a harsh winter, the Half-Orc youth was left to fend for itself and likely perish. After a few days nearing the brink of his life predators began closing in. The meal dropped to his knees as a large tiger closed in, waiting …

  • Qilien

    The son of a high ranking general, Qilien's father while leading an incursion during the last great war was mortally wounded when his mission failed, while dying on the battle field he was approached by a decrepit man who was seemingly unnerved by the …

  • Luci Akara

    Blond shoulder length hair frames a delicate, naive face. A full body of shining armour covers her from the neck downwards.

  • Grencel of Redshirt

    A simple fighter bestowed one of the most valued weapons from his master's family. Believing that intelligence and cruelty should be mutually exclusive he judges the more sentient races very harshly for what he perceives as evil behaviour.

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