Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

Head of the Korvosan Guard


The Korvosan Guard serves the city of Korvosa first. It works closely with the monarch and high priest of Abadar to maintain order in the city, acting most often as a police force, but turning into a military operation whenever the city is threatened by external forces. The Field Marshal is head of the Korvosan Guard and resides in the Citadel. She is sworn to protect the city of Korvosa.

Cressida is a powerful, handsome woman, who invests all her energy in keeping the peace in the city. This is a difficult task in the current circumstances. She is very even-tempered, professional and will not let her personal opinions interfere with her duty: to uphold the oath of the Guard is her highest purpose. Her practice of openly encouraging adventurers and mercenaries to aid the Guard in the city’s defence has earned her some unfair criticism by the city’s elite.


Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

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